365 Days 2015

This film tracks a hasty marriage through its first 365 days.

365 Days 1922

A very rich old man promises to leave his extended family his fortune if they all move in together and get along for one year.

365 Days: A Year in Happy Valley 2013

Depicting a year in the life of a small town caught in the center of the high-profile Penn State scandal, this powerful film reveals how it affected the community: showcasing the strength and resolve of those who live in and cherish what is known as "Happy Valley."

365 Days 2020

Massimo Torricelli, a young and handsome boss of a Sicilian Mafia family, has no other option but to takeover after his father has been assassinated. Laura is a sales director in a luxurious hotel in Warsaw. She has a successful career, but her private life lacks passion. She is taking one last shot to save her relationship. Together with her bone-headed boyfriend Martin and some other friends, she takes a trip to Sicily. She does not expect that Massimo, the most dangerous man on the island, will get in her way, kidnap her, hold her captive and give her 365 days - to fall in love with him.

365 Days of Happiness ! 2011

The film revolves within the framework of romantic comedy, which embodies the personal Ahmed Ezz young man with multiple relationships and refuses to marry until the girl thin marks (Donia Samir Ghanem) occupy his heart.

Deadly Attraction 2011

This is about a certain year. How things could go from bad to worse within a year. We focus mostly on a guy’s life (Mark Fisher), and how his life affected others within that period of time. Just how bad does a person have to be before the Lord intervenes and puts a stop to it? Problems have to be given immediate attention to avoid future escalations. Mark Fisher uses his devilish tactics to turn his mom (Laura Fisher) against his dad (Kenneth Fisher) by subduing him with his weaknesses. Knowledgeable people live their lives knowing 365 days is only around the corner while foolish people live their lives thinking it is forever. A day spent is a day lost. Once your 365 days are gone, they can never be retrieved.

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Count to 365 days

New Year's Eve, 16-year-old boy fell in love with girls half a head taller than him, he was determined to be desperate and want in the coming year is 10 cm long to pull her hand. This seems simple wish affects the entire family, divorced father, mother, grandparents each side to help him seek medical attention, and asked the Buddha, to find secret; a relative accused personally. After a day the amount of that dream of one day after the height of a step back, but one day may not grow the fate of the force step before the finish this year's 365 steps, 16-year-old boy how to face their own and that hand is less than love? Hot-sensitive youth and family involved entanglement and date are used to measure height of the cold numbers continue to puncture, the interval; the world the joy of New Year's countdown, hip-hop Fight radiant, seems humorous plot and fiddled with adolescents struggling with arms stand up, that's like a boulder rolling down hill like a heavy fate.

Shanti Days 365 Days, Happy Breath 2014

21-year-old Misora Honzawa (Mugi Kadowaki) went to Tokyo from Aomori. Misora Honzawa happens to see Kumi (Jessica Michibata) on TV who is a yoga Instructor and model. By chance, the two women begin to live together. At first Misora Honzawa, who is easygoing, and Kumi, who is high maintenance, do not get along with each other. Because they share interests in yoga they eventually become closer and think about happiness and life.

365 Days of Love 2010

Ken is Tula, he is married to Lanaree (Anne). Tula is a man who is confident in love, as for Lanaree, not so much. Lanaree is described as boisterous, self-centered, kinda like Alin from “Soot Sanaeha (A recipe for love)”. One day, Lanaree had her fortune read by a roadside psychic. The psychic tells her that she and Tula will break up. She doesn’t believe the psychic, so the psychic gives her an old notebook and instructs her to put it under her pillow when she sleeps. When she wakes, she will find out if the prediction that her marriage will end in divorce is true. For several days, Lanaree is very stressed out by the psychic’s prediction and she doesn’t want to believe it and rationalized that the psychic is old and is probably mentally distorted. Nonetheless, she decides to do what the psychic instructed and place the notebook under her pillow before she went to bed. The next day, she wakes up to find herself not at her house with Tula but at her mother’s house. She checks the calender, it’s the correct month and day. But wait, it’s a year ahead. Eventually, Lanaree learns that a year ago, Tula and herself fought severely about something to the point where she packed up her stuff and she moved back in with her mother.